HTML Tutorial for Beginners

Learn HTML and CSS at HTML Tutorial for Beginners.So, you’re looking for a good HTML tutorial for beginners? If you’re here, I’m assuming that, at least when it comes to HTML, you’re a green horn, a real newbie. And excuse my grammar, but you don’t know nothing about no HTML. Nada! Zip! Zilch! Well, actually, you probably do know it’s what makes web pages work. You’ve figured out you’re gonna need some tutorials about it. So, you’re off to a good start, actually!

Reasons to Learn HTML

HTML is the heart-and-soul of the internet, the language of the web. It is understandable, then, that a lot of people would like to get at least some introductory information about how HTML works and maybe even learn the basics of how to create webpages in HTML. The reasons would be countless and would vary from person to person.

  • Maybe you’d like to better understand what your web guy is doing.
  • Maybe you hope to one day be a web guy.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to make a simple website for some reason, or
  • Maybe you’re just plain curious about HTML.

Whatever your reason, if you’re a beginner, this is a good place to get started learning about HTML. After all, this is HTML Tutorial for Beginners, right?

Reasons to Choose HTML Tutorial for Beginners

It’s simple! At this website, I will provide several simple tutorials that will teach you the basics of HTML coding and show you how to make a webpage and even a small, simple website. Starting with my very first lesson, What Is HTML?, I assume you know absolutely nothing about HTML. I try not to be overwhelming in each lesson. On the other hand, I try not to make them so simple that you have to click through 50 pages to learn a few basic points.

It’s free! I will not be charging for any information here, and you will not need to buy any software to follow my HTML tutorials. All you will need, besides a desire to learn, is a simple text editor. I generally use Notepad or Wordpad for editing HTML files. Both Notepad and Wordpad come free with Windows. I believe Macs come with a program called TextEdit.

Videos! When possible, and as I get time to do so, I will provide a video version of as many of the tutorials as I can. The videos are for people like me, people who learn more easily by watching something being done and who, frankly, are tired of reading. For lessons that have a video version, the video will be at the top of the lesson and will usually cover all the points of the written text.

Happy learning!

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